Master your mind. Overcome limitations that hold you back. Experience more joy, flow, fulfillment.
Starting 2022 (to be announced)
Experience 'Creativity & Personal Mastery (Virtual)', an immersive, transformational program created by Dr. Srikumar Rao to help business leaders, executives, and ambitious professionals achieve more in less time, feel less stressed, and experience a greater level of joy and richness in life.
Why Join Creativity and Personal Mastery (CPM) – Virtual?

What if, every morning when you wake up, you feel radiantly alive and happy. No matter what happens in your day, you are equipped with the resilience and motivation to make the best and the most of it. 

This is the vision Srikumar Rao has for you, and he has identified a proven framework to help you realize this vision in your life. His course, Creativity & Personal Mastery (CPM), which was first taught at Columbia Business School and went on to become its most popular course, is now available to you.

Creativity and Personal Mastery is the ONLY business school course that has its own active alumni group, comprised of thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, MBA students, and ambitious professionals. This like-minded community is helping them to become better leaders, discover their passion, develop resilience, and live deeply fulfilling lives.

Today, you have the opportunity to experience this life-changing program, Creativity and Personal Mastery, and discover fulfillment beyond just financial success

In this 3-month program — you and 24 other selected business leaders will learn vital wisdom and tools to help you achieve a joyful, successful life. You will learn how to tap into the essential role happiness plays in personal and professional life.

Creativity & Personal Mastery has been a top-rated course at:
Benefits You Can Expect During This 3-month Program
Discover the inner blocks to happiness and fulfillment holding you back.
Experience how releasing these blocks enables you to spring forward.
Learn how to eliminate stress and the vortexes of thought that suck you into dark places.
Reclaim your innate confidence, your joy in life.
Build a personal suite of techniques which liberate and empower.
Renewed energy to be inspire your colleagues, your workforce, the world.
The 3 levels of transformation ...
  1. Individual attitudinal change: The first shift of consciousness happens at an individual level, where you will liberate yourself from the ego by becoming self-aware of your mental models, inner chatter and more.
  2. Organizational structural change: The next level of change happens within your business. Your organization will outgrow the old command-and-control hierarchies and evolve into radically different ways of internal organization that will foster innovation and success.
  3. Societal value change: From organizational change, you’ll expand to influence societal change and create impact as a better and more creative leader.
Here’s What You'll Experience ...
  • Learn the basic principles of Creativity & Personal Mastery to build a solid foundation;
  • Dive deeply into these principles in small group discussions to apply them in your life and work; 
  • Immerse yourself in these timeless principles to integrate lessons into your life;
  • Get support and accountability by sharing your progress in an online forum twice a week;
  • Connect with the community for additional support.
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Where and when does CPM Virtual take place?
Learn Online From Anywhere, Anytime.

CPM Virtual is a digital version of the traditional CPM course. It includes a mix of reading assignments, videos, webinars, small group discussions and both individual and small group exercises. It is organized and presented by an online instructor and lasts approximately 85 days.

You will watch a video each week to learn an important CPM principle, then do an exercise for about a week based on that principle.

You’ll meet with a small group to discuss your progress on that exercise and also have 1:1 interactions with the instructor.

Periodically you will meet on a web session as a class. Those class-wide gatherings are generally led by Srikumar Rao, where he lectures, answers questions, and engages the class in a lively discussion.

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Creativity & Personal Mastery (Virtual) is limited to 20 leaders and professionals who are ready to make a quantum leap in every area of their life.
Creativity & Personal Mastery (Virtual) is for you if ...
You are an entrepreneur:
  • You want to experience exponential growth in your business;
  • You desire to leave a lasting impact on the world.
You are a Senior Executive:
  • You are open-minded and often function entrepreneurially within your organization to find solutions. 
  • You often tap into your creativity to find solutions and get the results you want. 
You are an Ambitious Professional:
  • You want to lead a life of extraordinary impact and leave the world a better place in tangible ways through your profession.
  • CPM is ideal for physicians, attorneys, surgeons, accountants, financial advisers, architects, software engineers, executive recruiters, and consultants. 
To ensure a personalized, high-quality experience,
this class is limited to 20 participants. 
Application Requirements

To ensure the highest quality of Creativity & Personal Mastery, this program is limited to 20 participants.

We aim to provide as much personalized attention as possible, thus the small, intimate group size. For this reason, and to ensure that everyone is on the same page and “ALL IN”, in terms of commitment, enrollment is by application and is not based on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

In addition, for the purpose of synergy we are looking to gather a group of entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and ambitious professionals who have a spiritual bent and would like to infuse this into every part of their life. They are dreamers who are decisive, have integrity, and have a grand vision for the world and their contribution within it.

Meet Your CPM Facilitators
Srikumar Rao, Creator of CPM
Dr. Srikumar Rao is a speaker, former business school professor, and head of The Rao Institute, based out of New York. He is also an executive coach to senior business executives, whom he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work.

Dr. Rao’s programs have helped thousands of executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world achieve quantum leaps in effectiveness, resiliency and overall happiness. Graduates of his workshops have become more creative and more inspiring leaders in some of the world’s most successful companies.

He helps leaders around the globe transform their lives so that they can experience abundant joy, no matter what comes their way. Dr. Rao is a TED speaker, author and creator of the pioneering course, Creativity & Personal Mastery
Jacqueline Fox, Partner

Jacqueline Fox is a coach, facilitator, and program manager with The Rao Institute. She has been working with Dr. Rao for four years and serves as a guide in the CPM virtual program. As a result of her own CPM training, and dedication to practicing the techniques she learned, Jacqueline has experienced significant shifts in her life. The most noticeable result is that anxiety and tension have pretty much disappeared, and she now retains a deep sense of inner joy and well-being.

Jacqueline holds a master’s degree in Adult Counseling and a master’s degree in Organization Development, as well as advanced training from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland focused on working with individuals, groups, and organizations. She has worked as a management trainer, organizational consultant, and coach, primarily utilizing an appreciative inquiry approach to her work. She has experienced different cultures by living and working internationally for extended periods of time. This has enhanced Jacqueline's ability to appreciate and manage differences and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. She brings this awareness and sensitivity to her work with individuals and groups. Her motto is helping people live empowered, joyful, fulfilled lives.

Jacqueline is a long time Vipassana meditator, a student of several spiritual masters, and an avid reader. She volunteers at her local food co-op and loves to dance with wild abandon in the privacy of her own home.

Adam Morris, Partner

Adam is a social entrepreneur, coach and facilitator with The Rao Institute.

He has been working with Dr. Rao since 2006, after he first experienced Creativity & Personal Mastery while pursuing his MBA at the London Business School.  Alongside his career developing and managing technology solutions, Adam is passionate about creating new and effective ways to drive social change.  Ultimately, that change starts within. He is honored to work with individuals through The Rao Institute to as they walk on their path of transformation.

Adam’s work with the institute has grown over the years. This work influenced the creation of People Helping People, a podcast sharing inspiration on creating greater social change, and Wild Tiger Tees, a work program for youth experiencing homelessness.  Alongside his work in technology and his practice of Vipassana meditation, Adam is equipped to create the space needed for transformation from whatever place you’re starting from.

What Participants Say
“This course has had a profound impact on my life. Rao’s work is nothing short of transformational. Since taking the course two years ago my life has become infinitely clearer, more enjoyable, far less stressful and altogether more meaningful.”
Co-founder and CEO, The Imprint Group
"Without being exposed to the coaching tools Srikumar has assembled, it would be hard to imagine a life of Mastery or deep day-to-day, moment-to-moment fulfillment, much less a community of such persons.”
Founder and CEO, The Helm
“Many courses focus on creating great technicians. This one is helping to create great leaders and (even more important) to create great people…to live a life that is both personally meaningful and makes a contribution to our world.”
World renowned business educator and coach
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the application process work?

The application process is simple! Simply fill in the online application form, answer all the questions, and submit it to us. There is no registration fee and no credit card is required to apply. We will review your application and get in touch with you within 5 working days. In case of additional questions, we will schedule a call with you.

What exactly will I experience in the Creativity & Personal Mastery program?

This is an online course that will take place over 12 - 14 weeks. The sessions will be a mix of presentations by Dr. Rao and participants, small group sessions, Q&A and discussion sessions, short videos, and group sharing circles.

What do I need to prepare before participating in this program?

To tailor this program to you and help you get ready for this course,  you will have the following-prework to do before your first weekend:

  • Complete your Personal essay - so we can understand more about you :)
  • Share your Five expectations - these are topics you would like to see covered so we can tailor the program to your needs
  • Suggested Reading
  • Journaling

*Relevant material will be sent to your email once we confirm your program attendance.

What if I miss an online session?

Online sessions are scheduled for small groups to fit their schedules. A member of Dr. Rao's team will work personally with you to help you make up what you missed.

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Here's everything you get when you enroll in CPM Virtual:
An immersive, interactive program, spread out over 12 - 14 weeks, depending on how fast the cohort moves through the program
Interactive talks about life-changing principles by Dr. Srikumar Rao
Small, immersive group sessions to dive deeply into these transformation principles
Discussion sessions to get your questions answered
Short videos to clarify concepts and reinforce lessons you learn
Group sharing circles to connect with like-minded peers
Practical exercises to implement the principles you learn into your business & life
Ongoing online support in between the weekend sessions
Lifetime access to the video recording of every session of Creativity & Personal Mastery program
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Connect with a like-minded, motivated community as you learn valuable tools and skills to upgrade your life.
Starts 2022 (to be announced)

  • Connect with leaders, professionals and new friends committed to personal development and growth
  • Shift your consciousness, master self-awareness and liberate yourself from the ego
  • Reclaim your inner confidence and joy, live fearlessly and expand as a leader and activator of positive change.